Agent Wish List

This years’ agents are looking for:

Word cloud of the genres this years' agents are looking for


Caroline Eisenmann : Frances Goldin Literary Agency

In fiction, Caroline is particularly drawn to novels that engage with social issues, stories about obsession, and work that centers around intimacy and its discontents. Her nonfiction interests include deeply reported narratives (especially those that take the reader into the heart of a subculture), memoir, literary memoir, cultural criticism, essay collections, and history and biography with a surprising point of view.


Dawn Michelle Frederick : Red Sofa Literary

  • Biography-Historical, media-related, political—ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL MEMOIRS.
  • Creative Nonfiction — It needs to be smart, with noticeable platform, and commercial. I enjoy a wide range of topics.
  • History — Books that will engage the commercial reader.  ex: anything Scott Simon/NPR may like.
  • Humor — I love a good laugh (I represent the CHOOSE YOUR OWN MISERY series)
  • Pop Culture — Especially Americana, and anything quirky.
  • Social Issues/Current Affairs — Women’s Studies, GLTB Studies, Social Sciences, and more.
  • Sports — Less mainstream, more extreme sport, ex: Roller Derby, not so much into traditional sports.
  • Women’s Narratives — women’s nonfiction, diverse stories please!
  • Young Adult — Fiction, Nonfiction.
  • Middle Grade — Fiction, Nonfiction.


Jennie Goloboy : Donald Maass Literary

Jennie is particularly looking for fun, innovative, diverse, and progressive science fiction and fantasy for adults. She thinks that one of the most important jobs of science fiction is to imagine a future we want to live in.

As a fan of character-driven novels, she wants to be desperate to know what happens to your hero by the time she’s finished your writing sample. Romance and humor are always a plus. If your book combines an oddball premise with a compelling protagonist, she wants to read it. Adorable body horror? Quirky intentional communities? Please send them on!

Jennie is also looking for history for a popular, adult audience. She’s a particular fan of histories of an idea, and narratives about early America. She is not interested in historical novels, or in memoir.

Erik Hane : Red Sofa Literary

I typically like things that are “realism” or at least close to it, though I do love light speculative elements or just a touch of science fiction, closer to just “surreal” than overtly SF/F. I like novels that probably get called “literary” even as they’re doing other things or fitting into other categories. I love family stories, memorable settings that matter to the book, characters with a harebrained scheme, legends, folklore, mythology, and games. I want “ambitious” novels that reach for something memorable.

  • Nonfiction — (Narrative very much preferred across all these!)
  • History — Especially American political or social. Cultural movements, political movements, the forgotten but significant moments in between the famous points in history we’ve already read so much about.
  • Science — Specifically evolution, biology, animals, or neuroscience; think Elizabeth Kolbert, Ed Yong, E. O. Wilson, Yuval Hurari.
  • Cultural criticism, essays, commentary, current events — This could be on anything but off the top of my head I really like great writing on politics, race, social trends, leftism, videogames, Weird Twitter, and anything else you can convince me the world should care about.
  • Sports — With a larger (and necessary) cultural angle; think Grantland. Specifically, I really like tennis, football, and basketball.
  • International stories — Especially in places under-covered by Western media, and ESPECIALLY places and people affected by U.S. foreign policy.


Jeff Herman : Jeff Herman Agency

His areas of editorial expertise include popular business, spirituality, self-help and much more. “If I feel I can sell it, I’ll represent it”, says Herman.


Ann Leslie Tuttle : Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

I’m looking for all types of romance–from historicals, contemporaries and romantic suspense to paranormals and inspirationals–written for the single title and category markets in all formats. I’m eager to find those authors who share my own passion for the genre and to match make them with the perfect editor. For a young girl growing up in rural Virginia who loved books, what could be more fabulous than making an author’s own childhood dreams into a reality.


Cynthia Zigmund : Second City Publishing Services

Cynthia is currently looking for non-fiction (business, narrative non-fiction, self-help) and adult fiction (mystery, literary fiction).