Books That Define Your Life

I’ve just received a question asking why we are asking you, our attendees of this year’s Writers’ Institute, to include a list of the books that have defined your life. I’d like to share my answer with you here –

Each year we receive feedback from our attendees that as writers they sometimes and usually work in solo environments.

Our writers are always asking us for ways to continue to get to know other writers at the conference and to network with our speakers and agents. One of the ways that we encourage writers to meet other writers is by asking for the genre they are working within. With that information we have tables divided by genres at our luncheons. This way writers can meet other writers who are writing within their same arenas.

This year we are going one more step toward helping writers meet and talk with one another and that is by asking them to share information on books that have changed or defined their lives. By sharing this information with others we hope to gain more insight to other writers. The information provides a way to begin talking with a writer who is a stranger and as we gather titles that are shared by many, we can continue to talk about the authors and books that have influenced us as a community.

This is the reason we are asking for this information this year. It is not mandatory, it is purely a gesture that we hope will bring more writers together at this year’s conference.

We hope you’ll share your list of books that have defined your life with us – and join us at this year’s Writers’ Institute.