What Does 2018 Hold for Writers? Here’s the Latest from Jane Friedman

We are mid-way through January and the Midwest experienced a snow event yesterday. Many of our writers agree, snow days are perfect days for writing. Publishing guru has just posted a terrific new article “What Does 2018 Hold for Writers?” on her website. Here is a link:  She includes a good deal of information […]

2018 Your New Year, Your New Pathway to Publication

Greetings! Happy January! From most weather reports, except for the Southwest, most of the United States is experiencing winter weather. It is the perfect time to hunker down and get some writing completed. Remember that your writing won’t be able to change people’s lives if you don’t finish it and share it with the world. […]

Winter Solstice, Happy New Year, and Bring A Friend

Hello Writers! I feel Winter is the perfect time of year to write. The land is quiet, the trees are still, yet there’s inspiration from the powerful presence of wonderment felt all around. I hope your Winter Solstice time is filled with joy that carries on through the New Year Celebration. Throughout this time, consider […]

Self-Publishing Shows Signs of Maturity per Jane Friedman

Publishing/writing guru and former Writers’ Institute keynote speaker Jane Friedman has included the 5 Issues Raised for Authors in her Look Back at 2017 Publishing Headlines: I’m sharing this link to bring attention to all of the issues, but most importantly to a topic that we will address at the April conference – The […]

Welcome to the 2018 Pathway to Publication Writers’ Institute

Greetings! I’m very happy to present our website for the 2018 UW-Madison Writers’ Institute, the Midwest’s premier conference now in its 29th year. We’ve heard from many within our writing community and just about everyone is interested in being published – either for the first time or the fifth time. We welcome all levels of […]

Thank You

Thank you to all of the writers who joined us this past weekend at the Madison Concourse Hotel. We laughed, we cried, we learned a little more about our writing and some of us pitched to agents. The 28th Annual Writers’ Institute is now history. To all of the speakers, agents, editors and writers who […]

Join Us This Weekend!

The 28th Annual Writers’ Institute is just about here. We have speakers and agents and editors and most important, writers. One of our speakers is featured in today’s Isthmus – Matt Forbeck’s story is here: Enjoy, and see you at the Madison Concourse Hotel for another great writing weekend. Safe travels to all as […]

Author With Cerebral Palsy Writes With His Head, Literally

Author Steve Salmon has been a part of our annual Writers’ Institute for many years now. The Stevens Point Journal has written an inspiring article about Steve’s dedication to his writing that I want to share with our Writing Community. Here’s the link: When you see Steve at this year’s conference, be sure to […]