Join Me This Saturday – March 10

This Saturday, March 10th, I’ll be holding my annual No Fear of Success session. This three hour class is in preparation for our Writers’ Institute conference, held a month ahead of the conference in order to allow writers to have all of their selling materials prepared when pitching to agents and publishing companies.

Please take note that no matter what Pathway to Publication you choose – through an agent or through a publishing company directly, you’ll still need to prepare your logline, synopsis, in-person and written pitch, query letter and sometimes, a treatment of your material.

Those who have taken this class previously have found success with publishing their manuscripts.
Join us – this Saturday, March 10 from 10AM until 1PM at the Lowell Center on the UW-Madison campus.

Here’s a link for further details:

Please contact me with any questions – looking forward to seeing you there –