Right Here, Write Now Sessions – Brand New This Year

This year you’ll be able to meet with our esteemed speakers for 30 minute sessions. Dr. Kevin Mullen, our Writing Doctor has always provided great advice for our writers and this year we’ve added more experts for you. Here’s the inside info about being “right here” and, “writing now” at the conference:

Right Here, Write Now Critiques are 30 minute sessions conducted by a variety of our talented speakers. Each of these speakers will give you their undivided attention for an in-the-moment critique of your work. You can opt for a critique or discuss any aspects of genres and subjects such as historical fiction, memoir, marketing, Young Adult, query letters – you name it.

Right Here, Write Now Critiques are $20 and there is no limit to the amount of critiques you may want to request.  Just simply sign up for the date and time while you register for the conference. Your conference schedule will reflect your meeting time.

Here is a list of our Right Here, Write Now Critique experts and their specialties:

Debra Brenegan  – Fiction, Short Story

Barbara Britton – Romance, YA, Christian Fiction

Kat Falls – YA

Joanna Hathaway – YA, Fantasy, Historical

Libby Fischer Hellmann – Mystery/Thriller

Julie Holmes – Mystery, Fantasy

Jim Papandrea – Sci Fi, Nonfiction, Inspirational/Christian

Sue Roupp – Memoir, Fiction

Heather Shumaker – MG/YA, children’s fiction, memoir, narrative nonfiction, adult nonfiction

Judith Adrian – Memoirs, Nonfiction

Nick Chiarkas – Mystery/Suspense, Writing Your First Novel

Coleman – Playwriting

Ann Garvin – Contemporary Fiction, Marketing

Christine Keleny – Historical Fiction, MG fiction

Anne Davidson Keller – Fiction, Historical Fiction

Rex Owens – Historical Fiction, Nonfiction magazine articles, radio show host

Rachel Werner – Media Relations/PR Coaching

Julie Tallard Johnson – Memoir, Nonfiction, Self-help

Please contact me with any questions, laurie.scheer@wisc.edu

Write On!