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Master Class — Where My Heart Soars and Spirit Sings – Learn About Writing to Save Planet Earth

In a world ever more divided and threatened by terrorism, racism, habitat destruction, pollution, climate change, hunger, and poverty, can the written word make any difference? Can literature foster a better world for future generations? Can stories save lands and waters and promote policies for a sustainable, equitable planet? Author Kristine Zeigler will explore how to turn your passions for people and special places into powerful fiction and nonfiction for social change. Zeigler describes her passion for the Eastern Sierra Mountains, and her journey to put together her book of ten short stories set in the Owens Valley.

This master class will give students tools to organize their research, set a writing schedule, interview experts, and produce a manuscript. In-class exercises will inspire and delight. We’ll tap into our life experiences to explore places we care about and issues that matter most to us as writers and human beings.

Topics addressed:

  • How to organize a cohesive book of fiction or nonfiction from seemingly disparate stories, notes, observations, and feelings about a special place or topic in one’s life
  • How to use the written word to create social change or raise awareness about a topic
  • The role of research in complementing one’s personal experience of a special place
  • How to choose a form that works for your book
  • Ideas for a writing practice that produces results

Registration required, $95, no limit

Fiction How to Write Nonfiction
Location: Date: March 28, 2020 Time: 1:45 pm - 4:15 pm Kristine- Zeigler Kristine Zeigler