The Dreaded Sag: Facelift Your Scenes with the Five Core Components of Scene Structure

Sensing some droop on the page? Is a lack of direction weighing your characters down? Then you might have a case of scene sag!

In this session, writers will learn how to inject goal-oriented storytelling into their pages in order to keep scene sag from setting in. After this exploration of scene at the molecular level, writers will leave this session ready to put the five core components of scene structure to work for them and cure that scene sag for good!  Topics addressed include:

  • What’s a scene?
    • the nucleus to a single cell in the multi-cellular organism that is our manuscript
  • What is scene sag?
  • Where does scene sag come from?
  • Why is it important to prevent scene sag?
  • How do we cure it?
    • Focus on the Five Core Components
      • Setting
      • Goal
      • Conflict
      • Resolution
      • Cliffhanger/Pivot Point/Change Moment

Fiction How to Write Nonfiction
Location: Date: April 4, 2019 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm rr campbell headshot r.r. campbell