The idea stage, early draft, and first revision stage of novels, screenplays, and plays require us to ask “What” questions in order to solve creative problems. What’s missing in your premise? Missing in your character? What does your antagonist want—really? What should the protagonist do in the first scene or on page 50? What happened when your project fizzled halfway in? What will usually save it? What trouble will your story get into—or not—if you don’t include “mirror moments” or “set-piece scenes” or other devices? What promotes originality and “freshness”? What does it mean when agents tell you to “deepen the writing/story/plot/character”? What’s the first thing you should do? What puts power into your story premise? What is “story magic” and how do you get some?

Who should sign up? A serious writer vexed about their project at any of its stages. Participants will be emailed a short worksheet asking about their project, though having a project underway is NOT a prerequisite. Attending only to soak up knowledge is encouraged. Participants have the option of sharing up to 3 pages of their novel or script for comments. The Master Class fee includes follow-up with the instructor after the conference.

(Registration required, $65.00 fee – limit 10)

Location: Date: April 12, 2018 Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Headshot of Christine Desmet. Christine DeSmet