People write because they have a story to tell.  Be it a personal story of redemption or survival or one that draws attention to some of the critical injustices and issues of our day, the author wants his or her book to be read and perhaps discussed and hopefully shared.  Publishing your book is more than just getting it in the bookstore and success can be measured on a lot of different levels.  An author needs to be engaged with the world and needs to actively seek a community of readers and publishing professionals for support and collaboration. In this session, I will discuss ways for writers to become actively engaged in communities that will provide them access to their readers and open new doors for publishing and creative collaborations.  Using my experience as the president of the WNBA, I will share some of the programs and initiatives of the organization that are designed to support writers.  For example, the Great Group Reads (25 titles) list that is developed each  year to accompany the WNBA’s National Reading Group Initiative, the WNBA Writing Contest, opportunities to meet with agents and editors and participating in panels and workshops. I will also discuss other organizations and opportunities outside of the WNBA.

Location: Date: April 14, 2018 Time: 3:25 pm - 4:25 pm Jane Kinney Denning headshot Jane Kinney-Denning