“Yes, and––“ Improvisation and the Page

Whose line is it anyway?

As writers, it’s sometimes difficult to know who’s really writing our stories. Is it us as the author or our characters?

For writers who prefer to outline, uncooperative characters can jam a scene’s flow and chase us from the page, whereas those who prefer to write by the seat of their pants might feel as though there’s sometimes just not enough to work with in order to build momentum.

In this session, writers on either side of the pantser-outliner coin will learn how to improv their way through their scenes by using age-old axioms of improvisational acting, including the fabled “yes, and—”

  • What’s meant by improv?
  • What does improv have to do with writing?
  • What does “yes, and—” buy those in the world of acting? How does this translate to writing?
  • How can writers who prefer to outline become more comfortable with leaving the outline aside and trusting character and conflict to guide them onward?
  • How can writers who prefer to write by the seat of their pants play “scenes from a hat” with their characters in order to build momentum?
  • What are the elements we can put into our “hat” to help us get started on or advance any given scene?
  • We’ll have exercises throughout to test different methods and see what produces the best results for everyone!

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Location: Date: April 5, 2019 Time: 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm rr campbell headshot r.r. campbell