Dawn Michelle Frederick Dawn Michelle Frederick

Owner & Literary Agent, Red Sofa Literary

Dawn Michelle Frederick is the owner/literary agent of Red Sofa Literary, established in 2008. She brings a broad knowledge of the book business to the table, bringing multiple years of experience as a bookseller in independent, chain, and specialty stores; sales, marketing, and book development experience; previously a literary agent at Sebastian Literary Agency. She has a B.S. in Human Ecology, and a M.S. in Information Sciences. Dawn co-founded the MN Publishing Tweet Up, is the current News chair for the Twin Cities Advisory Council for MPR, and a teaching artist at Loft Literary. You can find her on Twitter at @redsofaliterary.

Dawn Frederick’s Representative Categories:

Biography-Historical, media-related, political––ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL MEMOIRS
Creative Nonfiction––It needs to be smart, with noticeable platform, and commercial. I enjoy a wide range of topics.
History––Books that will engage the commercial reader.  ex: anything Scott Simon/NPR may like
Humor––I love a good laugh (I represent the CHOOSE YOUR OWN MISERY series)
Pop Culture––Especially Americana, and anything quirky
Social Issues/Current Affairs––Women’s Studies, GLTB Studies, Social Sciences, and more.
Sports––Less mainstream, more extreme sport, ex: Roller Derby, not so much into traditional sports
Women’s Narratives––Women’s nonfiction, diverse stories please!
Young Adult––Fiction, Nonfiction
Middle Grade––Fiction, Nonfiction

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