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Jennie Nash is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Author Accelerator, a book coaching company dedicated to helping serious writers produce their best work. Her personal clients regularly land top New York agents and book deals with houses such as Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Random House. Jennie is the author of four novels, three memoirs, and The Writer’s Guide to Agony and Defeat. She has spoken at writing events all over the country, including the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Workshop, the San Francisco Writing Conference, and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and has written for popular writing blogs including The Write Life, Writer Unboxed, and Writers Helping Writers. She is an instructor at Creative Live and taught for 13 years at the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program.

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Author Accelerator is a book coaching program that gives writers feedback, accountability and support so they can finish their books – and finish strong. We operate in the gap cracked open by savvy indie authors who curate their own team of publishing pros and left open by traditional publishers who no longer offer sustained editorial guidance. Through our human-centered matching process, writers are paired with coaches who understand their genre needs, have an affinity for their topic, and have been trained in the project management skills needed to guide a complex creative project to the end. In addition to landing agents and book deals, writers coming through our program have recently been selected as Pitch Wars mentees, Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association Rising Star finalists, National Independent Writing Award and American Fiction Award for Best New Fiction finalists.

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