Headshot of Peggy Williams. Peggy Williams

Peggy Williams has co-written and published two mystery novels (On the Road to Death’s Door and On the Road to Where the Bells Toll) and numerous screenplays, two of which have won awards and are currently optioned for production (The Stone Carver of King Street and Chinaware-Fragile). She has also been published both online and in print media, and has seen numerous of her corporate, industrial, and educational video scripts go into production. She is an independent, freelance editor and book indexer. As if this weren’t enough to keep her busy, in her day job she teaches elementary school in Madison, WI. Peggy earned her Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and her Master’s from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Website: PeggyWilliamsAuthor.com

Blog/information: MadCityWriter.blogspot.com

Facebook: M.J.Williams.author

Twitter: @MadCityWriter

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