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What participants say about the 2016 Writers’ Institute


There is so much to learn about being a successful writer that isn’t about the writing! The Writer’s Institute can help you with more than polishing your craft. They can help you with the yucky details related to writing–like finding agents, promoting your work, social media use, legal pitfalls to avoid–and they can make it taste like it isn’t even medicine!

-N.G. S, Stevens Point, WI


The 2016 Writers’ Institute was my third and the best yet.  They continue to have exceptional sessions on craft and what’s happening in the marketplace.  When my break-out year happens, it will be in great measure because of what I have learned at the Institute.

-Hayden S, Muskegon, MI


I came a genuine novice, not knowing if I would fit in and be comfortable. I walked away thinking this may change my life. Recently retired at 57 years old, wondering and worrying how the remainder of my life might look, this provides a direction or a path which can be fulfilling, rewarding, and meaningful. Thank you so much.

-John P, Madison, WI


The 2016 Writers’ Institute was my fourth Institute conference.  What I’ve gained from the conference is beyond words!  I have met wonderful people who are really there to support my writing efforts and I, in turn, have a chance to support theirs.  Being able to pitch agents is such a great opportunity for conference attendees and I appreciate all the efforts made to bring in agents who represent such a wide variety of genres.  I also have gained so much from the keynote speeches and critiques.  I feel so lucky to have been a Writers’ Institute participant and hope to be on that success panel soon!

-Natalie K, Lindenhurst, IL


I can’t say enough good things about Writer’s Institute. It is a highlight of my year to come here and connect with people who understand the urge to write.

-Terri K, Winona, MN


What a whirlwind of inspirational presentations and workshops. The Q+A sessions gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from some talented authors and agents. The entire conference was extremely well organized, giving us attendees ample time to network with each other and many of the presenters who were so generous with their time. The positive energy all during the conference was palpable. Many thanks to the staff who put this all together. Just amazing. Can’t wait to get back to my writing desk.

-Greg R, Lake Mills, WI


Whether you are just starting out as a writer, or you’re a seasoned, published professional, the Writer’s Institute is the place to grow as a writer. Being with a community of writers inspires you, the sessions provide valuable information, and the speakers are awesome.

-Amanda H, Sun Prairie, WI


After attending the UW Writers’ Institute, I have dozens of new marketing ideas I can’t wait to put into action!

-Holly T, Madison, WI