Two Agents and an Editor

As you make your decisions regarding all of the opportunities available for you during our annual conference, I want to remind you of two agents and an editor that will be present at this year’s conference.

Paul Levine. Paul Levine has just sold a manuscript from a pitch he heard at last year’s Writers’ Institute. We will have details at the conference. The project is outstanding. Your manuscript is also. Don’t miss pitching to Paul.

Kim McCollum. For those of you who are not aware of this, Kim is a colleague of Tina Schwartz’ agency. Tina is a Writers’ Institute favorite, Kim promises to work hard and sell materials for her clients. Don’t miss this opportunity to pitch to Kim.

And finally, Kira Henschell. Kira is an editor who has also had success in finding projects at past Writers’ Institutes. We will also be announcing a new sale from last year’s conference. Kira has much to offer the new writer.

I’m thrilled that these talented individuals are part of our conference this year. You’ll see what I mean when you meet them also.