Two Important Master Classes at This Year’s Conference

Following the recent publishing controversy regarding American Dirt?

Are you a writer concerned with climate change?

Join us for a deep dive into these subjects at two important Master Classes at the 31st Annual Writers’ Institute in Madison, Wisconsin.

The first is  It’s not the 20th century anymore:  Equity and Representation in Our Writing with Melissa Houghton. Taught by a media professional with years of public outreach service, this class explores how equity and representation regarding gender, class, race, and other community constructs can be a conscious framework for your writing instead of catchphrases, clichés, and inauthentic misrepresentation.

The next Master Class, Learn About Writing to Save Planet Earth; Where My Heart Soars and Spirit Sings, addresses the questions Can literature foster a better world for future generations? Can stories save lands and waters and promote policies for a sustainable, equitable planet? Presented by author Kristine Zeigler, chief development officer at Conservation International and author of a natural and cultural history blog