Welcome to a New Season

Over the past weekend the temperatures here in Madison and most of the Upper Midwest changed dramatically from a very warm Fall season of 50s and 60s to upper 20s and 30s. The new season is here and during this week of Thanksgiving I am reading Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube written by one of our keynote speakers this year, Blair Braverman. In this book Blair describes her journey of life discovery as a dog sledder and tour guide in Norway, Alaska and points North where 23 degrees was balmy and having light – not just sunlight – for a few hours a day was a blessing. It has been putting things in perspective for me as I get used to my down coats, wool mittens, scarves and hats. Now, any time we are experiencing a sunny crisp day with above-freezing degrees, I’m happy. Check it out, its a good read for a holiday weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks to our writing community. Just keep writing forward…