What You Can Do Now To Prepare For Our Writers’ Institute

In these last few weeks before our conference you can prep ahead by doing things like;

1.) Finish your manuscript, memoir and/or book proposal.

2.) Develop your selling materials-your logline, synopsis and verbal pitch-if you plan to pitch to agents at the conference.

3.) If you are not pitching to agents, that’s fine also, then take a look at the speakers’ bios and become familiar with their fields of expertise, you may find yourself seated with one of them at a lunch table or meet them at our mixer and you’ll be able to partake in intelligent conversation with them.

4.) Take a look at the conference schedule and plan ahead, remember, most of our sessions (except those that require a fee), are open to all. If there’s a session you want to attend, plan to be there ahead of time.

and finally, 5.) Be ready for a wonderful weekend of publishing information, inspiration and networking opportunities.

Join us!